Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio on October 29th, 2022

On October 29, 2022, Mercury will enter Scorpio, a sign known for its intensity and emotional depth, fulfilling your desire for depth and intensity in your connections. The planet of thought, technology, and communication is Mercury. When the sun enters Scorpio, our connections with other people are characterized by a velvety-smooth insight.


This transit may make it simpler for you to find your path and move in the right way if you’ve been looking for the truth or trying to figure out how to connect with your life’s purpose.

Although Scorpio does have a darker side, you may fight this energy by concentrating on the good and using your manifesting abilities now. Allow your soul to guide you along an intuitive path so that you can connect with other people’s souls. This Mercury in Scorpio transit will ensure that you are closer to your loved ones than ever if you set your objectives to be sincere and genuine in your relationships.


Mercury is a planet that promotes learning and intellectual activity, assisting you in opening your mind and communicating your ideas to the rest of the world. No matter who is listening, Mercury offers you the bravery and confidence to speak your opinion.

An aggressive planet ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets and power struggles, joins this communication energy in Scorpio. Pluto urges you to connect with your mysterious inner world and explore your dark side. The energy of a Scorpio might bring to light tension or feelings that you have been holding back or unwilling to examine.


The most mysterious sign in the zodiac is Scorpio, especially when it comes to mysteries that lie just below the surface. Scorpio is a sign that wants to go deeply into the psyche and is not satisfied with only investigating surface-level emotions. Mercury is a curious planet that looks for the truth and facts in every circumstance.

Expect your detective cap to become a snug fit on your inquisitive intellect as these two planets collide. You may trust that this exploration will be advantageous to you and your relationships, even though this transit may also bring feelings of confrontation or a desire to uncover hidden emotions.



This energy will be felt by everyone. Nevertheless, depending on where Mercury and Scorpio are positioned in your birth chart, it might manifest in various aspects of our lives. Whatever your sign, you may anticipate feeling the effects of Mercury’s passage through enigmatic Scorpio.

Because our communication takes on an emotional, profound tone during this transit, those with a Mercury placement in Scorpio – or another Water sign, like Cancer or Pisces – will embrace this energy more freely than others.


Our shadow selves step in to fill the gap when we are unable to process the emotions that come along with a trying time in our life. You will still need to confront these accumulated emotions occasionally to prevent a collapse of the world around you.


You can avoid being overwhelmed by these encounters or pent-up emotions by making use of the exploratory energy of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. This particular cosmic occurrence might aid in the dismantling of this shadow energy, allowing you to emerge feeling renewed and lighter.

Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity for introspection, organization, renewal, and revisiting particular feelings. It might be challenging to look past the emotional circumstances and scenarios that may be preventing us from moving forward, but a Mercury retrograde transit enables you to face your emotional closet and start cleaning it out.


You may find it simpler to face things today than you did in the past because Scorpio is known for stirring up and embracing emotional darkness and depth.

Scorpio, represented by the stinging insect, is a deeply subconscious sign that doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable or upsetting emotions. It becomes simpler than ever to cope with distressing emotional events that you might otherwise want to brush under the rug when Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters the sign of Scorpio.