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Lucid Dreams – Well, don’t you wish you had the magical powers of getting into a deep sleep as soon you go on to your bed? At times you also wish that you remembered what you dreamt last night. Well, a guy can simply wish for things but getting that wish fulfilled isn’t that easy.

Here are a few things that will let you know more about your sleep and also about your dreams. Particularly the one known as lucid dreams, just keep scrolling through this article below.

Lucid Dreams How to do Lucid Dreaming Sleep and it’s Cycles:

When around an hour passes when you doze off to sleep you enter the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of the sleep cycle which is regarded as the most important stage of the sleep cycle. During this phase though our body remains immobile. But the mind is quite active, some of the actions carried out by our brain during this phase are similar to the ones we do while we are awake.

Most importantly you get those lucid dreams during this stage of sleep.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreams:

Well if you may not have heard about this but certainly experienced this. There are certain occasions when you feel like you are the one controlling your dream, this is considered as a lucid dream. This generally occurs when you are fantasizing about things or you are about to get into a nightmare. Either try to create a situation or refrain from one.

How to do Lucid-dreaming

Why do you Want to be the Master of your Actions?

Well, all our humanily emotions don’t get expressed, we try to suppress certain situations or feelings. As they might not be an appropriate action to carry out during a particular phase of life. But the whole dreaming we own each and every part of that dream neither our actions nor words are going to hamper anyone else’s life. So we try to control the dream and carry out our own world of fantasies.

Near-Death Experience, Feeling that Comes Along:

While experiencing a lucid dream you have an idea that you are sleeping and having a dream. And you are the one master of it. At the time it feels like you are experiencing a real situation which can make it a bit unsettling phase. Having such an effect on the quality of your sleep, that can even lead to anxiety or depression.


How to See the Lucid Dreams:

The basic idea about getting a lucid dream is changing your awareness to an idea of having the dream. You can strengthen your ability to get a lucid dream by having a better idea of your surroundings. While you are still awake and in your senses. You can also have calming stimuli such as a cup of calming tea or using essential oils that will help you in getting much better relaxation.


Lucid Dreams: Is it Safe?

Well, if you consider this to be safe, it’s not only safe but also helps boost your creativity skills and health. But you need to keep a check about your sleeping schedule. So that you get ample sleep and it doesn’t bother your daily routine.

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