All About Lion’s Gate Portal 2022 and it’s Effects on your Zodiac!

The month of August is surely a coaster ride full of bumps for many Zodiacs. And adding up another curve to that ride is the Lion’s Gate Portal. Want to know what it is and how is it going to affect your stars? Keep scrolling below we’ve got you covered.

The-88-Lionsgate-Portal-Brings-Great-Energies-and-Massive-Consciousness-Shifts Dates:

Well, the portal will open up on the 28th of July and will stay the same till the 12th of August. But the 8th of August will be an important day as this signifies the maximum strength of the Portal.

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

Well, this surely is going to be the most significant question in your mind as this portal marks an alignment of the Sun in Leo and Sirius.



It’s the brightest star in the night sky and it’s often called Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star as per the Ancient Egyptians. Sirius is considered as the Sopdet, the agricultural goddess. And she’s often tied to the annual flooding of the Nile as well as the initiation of a new year.

Lessons from the Lion:

The energy that Leo brings to the table is certainly undoubted as their confidence level is always up to the sky. They don’t like to settle for less so this Leo season will be a booster of confidence for you. As you won’t settle for anything less than the best. Be the person who owns a brave heart full of expressions and life.

Lion’s Gate Portal 2022

Why the Number 8:

Well, it’s obvious that the number 8 has a significant role during the Lion’s Gate Portal. And it’s because this number represents abundance alongside achievement. Also signifies the value of Karma and the combination of the 8th month with the 8th day. Undoubtedly, the right time to get out inner expectations and turn them to reality.

According to astrological beliefs, the eights house is linked to particular scorpion characters such as sex, death alongside regeneration. And as the symbol 8 when turned forms an infinity sign this star also takes around seventy days for mummification each year.

Lion’s Gate Portal 2022 how it help your Zodiac sign get lucky

The things of Importance:

So it’s high time to cut the daily schedule in order to attain better characters in life. So make the most of these days and try to know what’s buried deep within your heart so that you can go towards your actual demands.

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