Libra: What does this year say about your Love

Your native Venus, the planet of love and wealth, will be moving backward in ambitious Capricorn at the start of 2022, which serves as a subliminal reminder to reevaluate your dreams and objectives for the year as Libra. You’ll be motivated and laser-focused on achieving the achievement you deserve as Venus stations direct at the end of January and remains allied with diligent Capricorn until early March.


When the asteroid Psyche transits your sign from the end of August to the middle of November, you’re thinking about your major relationships. Psyche is a symbol of potential metamorphoses and changes. It will be challenging to deny reality at this time because this energy is truth-seeking. Face your suffering, face your anxieties, and then, with maturity and wisdom, move on. Even though this time of year can be incredibly challenging, it can also be one of the most cathartic and restorative.



Starting in late September, the sun will spend a month in your graceful and endearing sign of Libra. 


At that time, you’ll be anticipating a lavish birthday celebration. You possess a timeless beauty that others envy regardless of your age. You’re good at resolving conflicts now since you’re a Libra who can see things from all angles and is neutral and fair-minded. Making decisions might be challenging, but your capacity to find a solution that benefits everyone makes you a well-liked mediator among friends, family, and coworkers.