Libra: These are the Colors to Wear

Each of us has our go-to colour schemes, a selection of hues that, unknowingly, fill the majority of our closets. Some of us adore the chic simplicity of all-black ensembles, while others adore the beachy, tan-flattering effects of stark white. Still others adore sea-blue hues like cornflower, cerulean, and turquoise. It probably makes you feel like your best self: extra-powerful, confident, and prepared to take on the world, regardless of your fashion palette feeling. But what if, for a change, you opted for a zodiac-inspired colour scheme? So lets see Libra whats for you.

Based on your zodiac sign, choosing your best colours can help you vibrate with the best energies and produce earth-shattering results. Vedic astrology, according to Indastro, holds that each zodiac sign has a special power hue that bestows upon you “good energies, luck, and wealth.” Your hue can influence your “temperament, emotions, feelings, and sentiments,” giving you more energy each morning you leave the house, depending on the planet that rules your sign. Your astrological colours may provide you with much-needed “inner peace and exterior fierceness” (hallelujah! ), while the incorrect colours may hinder you or cause you to lose your bearings, claims Now Let’s Get Going.

Air sign Libras are fixated with harmony, balance, symmetry, and the aesthetics of things (via Allure). Venus, Libra’s natal planet, which rules “love, beauty, and money” and values creativity, dictates the finest colours for them. There’s a reason why Libras’ colour theory is so beautiful; here’s all you need to know about this sign’s most flattering colour scheme.

The top power colour for Libra is white, so let’s start there. White symbolises fresh starts, which Libras are renowned for loving. It is the colour of new snow, clouds, and the cleanest of slates. Pure white, which is the hue of Venus, the ruler of Libra, attracts tranquilly and serenity to balance signs, according to Indastro. The next time you wear all-white clothing, get ready to feel extra perceptive and downright magical since white is the most powerful of all vibrations and is the colour that is associated to the highest level and most potent of all spiritual experiences. Never claim that we didn’t warn you!

Since Libras are air signs, they will be at ease in white’s simplicity and subtlety, and they will like white’s symbolic for a new beginning due to their aptitude “at launching new projects” (per Allure). Since Libras are known to be adaptable and fluid, leaning toward ambivalence and perhaps battling “with indecision,” the colour white lends itself well to mixing. Consider wearing white to your next meeting or particularly exciting first date since, according to Business Insider, this sign is said to be lucky when it comes to wearing white.


Romantic, poetic, and artistic, balance signs are known for travelling the globe in search of beauty. Try a beautiful cream handbag you can use every day or a delicate white shirt with ruffled sleeves. Venus is a planet that represents clear or light-colored gemstones, such as diamonds and opals, thus Libras can go for jewels that also symbolise their best hue.

This sign is all about “charm,” likeability, aesthetics, and being “prone to fantasy,” as everyone with a Libra sun sign well knows (via Co-Star). simply the colour pink itself, to put it simply. You’re undoubtedly drawn to rosy hues like fuchsia, ballet slipper, and bubblegum already since they honour everything Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, stands for. Pink is a colour that should be in every Libra’s closet, at the very least when wishing to embrace their razor-sharp intuition and infamous flirt factor. It conjures up thoughts of love, beauty, pleasure, and luxury.

Pink is calming and related with kindness and enthusiasm, according to Verywell Mind. If we’ve ever heard of Libra attributes, originality and craftsmanship are what the delicate shade conjures up! Wear a rose quartz necklace, regarded as “the stone of unconditional love,” which is one of your sign’s greatest colours (via Healthline). In times of uncertainty, a pair of pink heels or a rosy velvet ribbon are also ideal accessories for you and great conversation starters.

You would believe that Libras can only feel well in light hues that go well with their butterfly-like drifting through dinner parties, from neutrals to rosy pink. Unexpectedly, this sign does have a dark side.

It’s not exactly Darth Vader dark, but Libras are stronger than they initially appear to be. Despite being “concerned with embodying the idea of virtue,” according to Co-Star, Libras “have strong ideas about other people” and can become overly emotional while imagining their fantasies as opposed to real life. They are not just gorgeous Barbie-pink, but there is a lot going on underneath. Nope. Black is essential for a Libran’s outfit as well.

Black is “totally on brand for most Libras,” especially if you’re “trying to keep it traditional,” according to Now Let’s Get Going. Black, a neutral in and of itself, might be viewed as a reserved colour, yet it harmonises beautifully with Libras’ sensible and “intellectual” character (via Your Tango). There is little doubt that this sign concentrates significance on their outward shell, notably through dress, as seen with other celebrity Libras Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian. Black is an excellent choice for creative, aesthetically oriented Libras because it is the unofficial colour of street style fashionistas.

Now that we’ve covered every shade Libras should avoid for the highest energy vibration, it’s time to discuss the very worst hues for this sign. These colours will conflict with the sensitive character of a Libra, who tends to be diplomatic, calm, and kind. Who was the offender in question? Nothing else besides anything neon. According to Now Let’s Get Going, mixing and matching too many vivid colours, especially neons like lime green and traffic-cone orange, may upset the Libra’s chi. Although pairing hot pink crop tops with the brightest wine purple skirts is popular right now, is this a Libra thing? Not quite.