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Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Budding Romance – Certainly a sizzling rumour is around that two of the most spiciest personalities alive are hopefully getting along well together if you’ve not hear about this one yet we are talking about the probably chemistry of the Apex Scorpion Leonard DiCaprio and the sizzling Taurus Gigi Hadid can they be probable match? Let’s see what their stars have to say about this.

A Brief About Leonardo DiCaprio

Stealing the sleep of probably a million people our very own 47 year old star for the movie Titanic. Parted his way with model Camila Morrone who had her 25th birthday this summer. When we look further below Leo has never been seen together with a Taurus.

Apart from a short interval of time he spent with Miranda Kerr. And surely Gemini was his personal favourite as he was linked with Morrone as well as Bar Refaeli. He’s also been seen to have good relations with various other Zodiacs such as cancer of Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively’s Virgo as well as Rihanna who’s a Pisces.


A Brief About Gigi Hadid

Gigi entered her 27th on the 23rd of April and after ending up her relations with Zayn Malik who’s also the father of her two years old daughter she’s remained single.

When we see the list of guys Gigi has dated she’s always had a soft corner for the Capricorn’s such as Zayn himself and Cody Simpson and has never been in ties with a Scorpion.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid

Do Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Stars Align?

When it comes to a relationship between Taurus and Scorpio (Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid). It brings along tons of curiosity along side passionate love making as Taurus who’s got Venus. As their ruling planet loves to be the one who’s prioritized while Scorpio having Pluto. As their ruling planet loves to have possession of the things. They want in life both of them prioritize their own motives and aren’t much comfortable in sharing things which  hurts with their partner. Both of them aren’t good at expressing their feeling of vulnerability. Making it difficult for their partners to understand their desires.

Another aspect to this pair is they resist to back down so getting one of them to bend against the will of another is quite a hassle. So if the things are right on track life’s full of rainbows and magic. But if it derails it accompanies a storm which is quite difficult to withstand.


Well it’s quite early to say how things will unfold as their love story is still in the stages of rumour. Well we’ll wait and watch if these two will go along. And if they do it’s certainly going to be an interesting ride.

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