Leo: Everything so Far about your Zodiac Sign | Hidden Secrets

If you’ve got your Zodiac sign as Leo we’ve got everything that you need to know about your star sign just keep scrolling this article below to know what’s the hidden secrets that you are yet to discover about your zodiac.

 The Ruler: Sun

 The ruler of your star is the sun itself so like the sun rays lead to growth you also like to get indulged in creative activities. Leading to growth, you tend to go along with the people who are doing things for a cause.


Mythological Aspect

 The Greek hero Hercules slayed a lion named Nemean lion whose death gave rise to the constellation named Leo. According to the myths, an arch enemy of Hercules named goddess Hero was the pseudo den mother of the Nemean lion who upon his death placed him among the stars where it shines like an eternal constellation.

Leo Everything so Far about your Zodiac Sign

Strengths Leo Possess

 As you’ve got an inner child in you, you tend to gravitate towards things which involve fun in them. Not only this the sense of humor that you possess makes you an excellent natural comedian. As this sense of humor of yours is easily spread amongst others around you. When it comes to more serious aspects of life you can also be the one who knows how to own the stage and promote yourself as you’ve got an excellent understanding of PR skills.

One of the most aspirational traits of yours is that you don’t let people or situations intimidate you. As you don’t shy away from your bold declarations. Just as the Sun, the ruler planet, is there to brighten up the Earth you also tend to set up an example to people of what they can achieve in life. You don’t settle for less and go along every road that life has to offer.


Weakness Leo Possess

When it comes to going down to extreme ends you tend to lose up the fuel you’ve got in you. You also have possession of ego and petty competition within you. Well moreover if you’ve been reading this article probably this will be the part that you are about to scroll down just as you see it.

You also take the losses quite deeply when you face it in your life as you are not quite accustomed to loss or rejection.

What Tarot Card Reading Says About Leo

The sign reflects power and strength of a lion covered with the gentleness of a lady. The lion signifies ego and also is in continuous look for a connection with a human. Whereas the woman signifies the need for self love these two together show that a balance should be maintained between the fire and the fortitude.

The Fifth House

The fight house is regarded as the house of pleasures. It also shows association with deep emotions such as romance and self-expression. It also focuses on creativity and what’s a better creation than a child. So this house shows the connection with the inner child present within us.

So it can be said that if you are a Leo you certainly live your life in a playful manner.


Physical Appearance

Well, when it comes to the physical body type you are the one ruling various parts of the upper torso such as the spine, spinal column along with upper back. Well as you are the one ruling the heart things that break your heart are quite disturbing for you especially. When they are associated with the pride you carry along with yourself.

With Whom do the Stars Align?

 Well, when it comes to compatibility certain zodiacs go well along with you such as an Aries. And if you go on to date one you both won’t have to compromise on things such as being yourself around your partner. Or the demand for some extra needs and the similar is the case for a Sagittarius.

Well as you know you are quite fond of challenges in life so dating an Aquarius can be a thrilling experience. As they have quite the opposite nature as compared to yours.


Hope you had fun knowing more about your Zodiac sign! Don’t forget to share this with the other Leo’s in your group.

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