Know the Luckiest Zodiac Signs to Win the Lottery!

Winning a lottery is surely the most unexpected thing that you expect out of your life! A ton of people go on to explore whether luck is on their side or not. You can’t deny that luck plays the hero when you choose a lottery ticket but do you have any idea why some people are more lucky than others? Particularly when it comes to the lottery?

The stars play a major role in it and here are certain zodiacs who are more likely to win a lottery. Keep scrolling below to know whether you’re on the list or not.

win lottery based on your zodiacSagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

A sagittarius never fears to risk all they’ve got because they know for a fact that high risk accompanies high reward. Another fun fact is they aren’t the ones who keep all the winning to themselves.

They love to spread joy which might be in the form of plane tickets or they might pay off the bill for the night’s booze. They have an abundance mentality and literally an abundant fortune so they don’t even hesitate to tip or help the ones in need.

Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

Well childhood isn’t the fun part of being a Capricorn as luck knocks late on their doors. In most scenarios the Capricorns face a rough childhood which in turns makes them eager to hunt for any opportunity knocking.

luckiest zodiac to win lottery

They are the ones who carve their own luck so that they can save the winnings for the time they need it the most. So they won’t be the one bragging about winning a lottery or going out on fancy vacations rather they’ll keep it quite lowkey from everyone around.

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

Before Neptune’s discovery Pisces was ruled by the mighty and lucky Jupiter. Pisces believe to have a supernatural sense which in turns lead them towards a more psychic and devotional path, they can truly resist all the emotions just by getting some booze and shedding some tears.

They can have some spooky experiences like a ghost whispering the lottery number or a lucid dream, they might even get the lottery number within their bathtub made by their own pubic hair, a bit gross but will certainly be of an aid!


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