King Charles Birth Chart: Astrology Behind New Monarch Rule!

It was quite unfortunate that Queen Elizabeth II passed away on the 8th of September at the age of 96 which marks the arrival of a new person for the crown that’s King Charles III. We’ve dug down deep through his birth chart to figure out how good of a ruler he is going to be. Just keep scrolling below and you’ll get to know what’s the upcoming king is going to be like.

King Charles Birth:

King Charles III was born in the year 1948 in the 14th of November providing him with a Scorpio Sun. Alongside a Taurus moon well that certainly gives royalty to his character. Adding to that is a bit of stubbornness and resistance to change.

The Elements

The major element as per his zodiac is fire accompanied by Air which surely sets. As an inspirational example for others but for those who are there in his way surely get burnt. He has a straightforward approach towards his life which can simply be briefed as if he wants all of it or none of it.


Planetary Alignments

The planet of charms i.e Venus goes hand in hand with the planet of domination i.e. pluto which makes him a charming personality luring people towards him and his ways. But there surely can be some challenges in the approach of power. But surely these challenges are more of his liking.

Jupiter and Uranus aren’t on the same side making him a man of great ideals having a great thinking mind that prefers to be original rather than copying others.

King Charles’ birth chart How the new monarch will rule

On the other hand, Jupiter’s alignment with Saturn is quite a rare sighting which makes him a great leader. The lighting up of Midheaven due to Mars provides him with the needed fuel. In order to achieve greatness during his reign.

Furthermore, the moon’s connection with the various planets makes him quite a social and friendly personality, one which people crave to be around.

The Probable Future for King Charles III

Most of 2023 and 2024 are ruled by Jupiter which is considered as the planet of miracles. So surely a ton of great heights and recognition are coming his way. Though currently he’s been under an eclipse that started at the end of 2021 and will last till the end of 2023. But this surely was a needed one as this will forge him into a great personality. You can consider this as rebirth so his ascend to the throne was probably written in his stars.

King Charles birth chart How the new monarch will rule

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