Jupiter will finally starts moving DIRECT

Jupiter, the lucky planet, is ready to complete its retrograde motion in the Water sign of Pisces. Jupiter will turn direct on November 23 after nearly four months of retrograde motion. This retrograde actually spent a little more than a month retrograde in Pisces because it began in Aries and returned to Pisces on October 28.

Retrograde refers to a planet or body that, from Earth, appears to be travelling backward through the zodiac. Direct refers to a planet or body that is no longer moving. As most people move naturally forward, this tends to disrupt the planet’s or body’s energy. Jupiter retrogrades for nearly four months each year, making it retrograde for around one-third of the year. Jupiter regulates expansion and opportunity, thus Jupiter retrograde slows this down and makes us feel like we don’t have as many possibilities.

This was probably stronger when Jupiter was retrograde in Aries, because Fire sign Aries is the sign of initiative and fresh beginnings. We could have been stuck during that time. All retrogrades carry karmic and subconscious energy, which might be more stronger when Jupiter is retrograde. We can reflect, become more introspective, comprehend, and work through our karma.

Because Pisces is the natural ruler of spirituality, intuition, the subconscious mind, and karma, this karmic and subconscious energy is likely to be stronger with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. We’ve had to be much more introspective and work hard to get rid of a lot of spiritual muck. Mars went retrograde in Gemini the day after Jupiter returned to Pisces, adding to the previous month’s strong karmic, spiritual, and subconscious energy. Because Mars is the planet of energy and drive, it has also slowed us down.


Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, a Fire and Mutable sign with a high level of activity. When Jupiter goes direct on November 23rd, there will also be a New Moon in Sagittarius on the same day!

Jupiter direct suggests we can focus more on missing opportunities and gradually begin to retake action. It might not be as slow this time, due to the New Moon urging us to act rapidly. Because the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are already in Sagittarius, this is fantastic energy for Sagittarius right around Jupiter’s direct position. Yes, Mars will remain retrograde, but there may be a ray of hope pointing to the good that awaits us.

One challenging aspect of this Jupiter direct is that it occurs in Pisces, where Neptune is still retrograde until December 3rd and forms a difficult angle with Mars retrograde (which just went exact). We’re almost always in for some major fog when Neptune is difficult. We don’t have complete knowledge of all the facts at this time, and it can be challenging for us to view things properly. It can be a difficult moment if you don’t have a strong connection to your intuition.

Jupiter direct will form a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, which is a beneficial aspect. This is Jupiter direct’s only major aspect. This might help us focus on what we’re passionate about and attempt to improve our focus. Pluto is a powerful planet, and we can harness some of its power to our advantage. We may discover ways to feel more in tune with our inner power and more in command of ourselves. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and this can be an excellent time to focus on a transformation.