Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

On July 28, 2022, under the sign of Aries, Jupiter, the biggest and most regal of the planets, began its retrograde motion. Jupiter is in retrograde motion for around four months. As a result, both personally and collectively, we can anticipate a period of profound reflection, spiritual development, and intellectual growth.

One of the most beloved planets in the sky, Jupiter is also known as the great benefic, the guru, the life teacher, and the link to the higher dimensions. A major inspiration for our religion, Jupiter’s main goal is to offer us life by fusing the heart’s and mind’s weaker traits to develop wisdom.

It’s crucial to understand that Jupiter in your birth chart indicates areas of your life where you will actually experience luck and expansion, not just luck that comes to you easily. Long-term luck and potential emerge from trials and tribulations that alter a person’s psychology and view on life in general.

Jupiter started its retrograde motion in Aries and is now going into Pisces, where it will stay for one more journey until December. You encounter difficulties at this time with your ability to manifest abundance and your belief system.


Rewind to December 2021, when Jupiter entered the romantic sign of Pisces and highlighted some of the most painful aspects of our existence. Jupiter took us by the hand to show us what we need to alter, whether it be in the areas of family, business, belief systems, health, or romantic, and eventually assisted us in connecting with our inner truth and Soul’s mission.

Then, on May 10, Jupiter moved into flamboyant Aries and set us on a new course, encouraging us to take more risks and realise our dreams while giving us boldness, vigour, leadership, and an enterprising spirit. Jupiter, now in retrograde, offers adequate protection while consciousness fully develops and your true potential is recognised and acknowledged. You’ll need to tie up any loose ends and get rid of any outmoded goals or routines that are holding you back. You will be able to see a wider perspective and a deeper reality to the difficulties you are now facing because Jupiter expands all it touches.

Positive Jupiter always exceeds the negative and elevates our perception of reality. When Jupiter is in a difficult aspect, it may appear as though all is lost, but the lucky planet always manages to triumph.