How to make friends based on your Zodiac

Making friends is rather simple when you’re a child. The next day, you’re asking your mother for permission to have a playdate with your new best friend after you meet them in the sandbox or discover that you and a classmate enjoy the same cartoon. Making new acquaintances gets harder as you get older, and by the time you’re out of college and working, you’ve definitely established an inner circle. Many grownups are fine to stop there (no new pals and all that), but if you’re looking for new acquaintances and don’t know where to start, turn to your dependable zodiac sign.

Lean into your zodiac sign’s talents and interests while attempting to meet new people, advises astrologer Daniela Karpenos, creator of The Cosmic Latte. “This aids in locating like-minded others who share your interests and seek out similar activities.” Astrological compatibility applies to more than just amorous couples, after all.

According to Karpenos, maintaining constancy is essential while trying to develop new acquaintances. She claims that familiarity is produced when an area is visited at least three times. “More opportunities to meet people arise the more you travel somewhere,” Where should you search for your new best friend then? These advice are based on the sign of your zodiac.

The changeable earth sign of Virgo is known for being meticulous, considerate, and analytical amongst your friends.


Mutable signs benefit from the energy of friends-of-friends since they are adept at blending in and discovering shared interests with a wide range of people, according to Karpenos. Put yourself in situations where you can start forming a network if you want to meet new acquaintances. Consider joining a coworking space, for instance.

Venus, the planet linked to beauty and the arts, rules the sign of Libra, and they place a high importance on justice, fairness, and balance. Attend a regular yoga class or spend time at a nearby museum or gallery to make acquaintances you can get along with. Bonus points if you show up to a gallery opening for a particular artist you’ve been admiring.

Scorpios like intense conversations with small groups of people since they are a water sign with an emotional intensity, according to Karpenos. If you want to meet other fans, hold a party with some plus ones and play a game like “We’re Not Really Strangers” or go to your neighbourhood bookstore to hear your favourite author read from their most recent book.