How to Find your Chart Ruler?: Explained

Every Zodiac sign is ruled by a particular planet. Your chart ruler is the planet that rules your rising sign, which essentially runs the show. It’s also important to note that some signs have two ruling planets because they were assigned before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 

Chart Rulers:

Aries Rising Chart Ruler: Mars

Mars is all about individuality, being courageous, having physical energy, and taking action. It shows you’re incredibly determined when working toward your goals. A Mars chart ruler gives off leader energy. 

Taurus and Libra Rising Chart Ruler: Venus

Venus is the planet of love, so it’s no wonder people with a Taurus or Libra rising are on an endless pursuit of all things beautiful, earthy, and grounded. Venus is also associated with self-worth and finances. 

Gemini and Virgo Rising Chart Ruler: Mercury

Mercury rules all things intellect, travel, technology, and communication including how we communicate with ourselves via our thought processes and ideas.  

Cancer Rising Chart Ruler: Moon

The moon rules the emotional world, so as a chart ruler, it shows that you’re kind, creative, nurturing, generous, intuitive, and can easily pick up on other people’s emotions. 

Leo Rising Chart Ruler: Sun

Like the sun, those born with a Leo rising chart ruler come off as super shiny to others and are meant to stand out. 

Scorpio Rising Chart Ruler: Pluto (traditionally Mars)

In true Scorpio fashion, folks with a Pluto chart ruler can appear powerful, dark, and intense. Themes associated with Pluto include death, rebirth, the unconscious, and sensuality. 

Sagittarius Rising Chart Ruler: Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet associated with luck, abundance, and expansion. So if Jupiter is your chart ruler, consider yourself very fortunate. 

Capricorn Rising Chart Ruler: Saturn

Saturn provides structure in our lives. It’s associated with obligations, discipline, boundaries, and karma. 

Aquarius Rising Chart Ruler: Uranus (traditionally Saturn)

Innovation, evolution, individuality, and freedom are things the planet of Uranus rules. People with this chart ruler have a rebellious spirit.

Pisces Rising Chart Ruler: Neptune (traditionally Jupiter)

The planet of Neptune rules the mystic realm. Having it as your chart ruler signals you’re empathetic and can easily absorb other people’s emotions.