How Believing in Astrology Defines Your Personality | Narcissistic Personality

Recently after looking at the surging interest in Astrology has been at its peak. And various studies have also been conducted among groups of individuals who are interested in it which has led to shocking results. Wanna know what kind of mentality do people possess after diving deep down into their stars? Keep scrolling and you’ll get to know what are the facts backing these researches and also the mentality of the people into this.


 Most Profound Research on Astrology:

 Study conducted by Psychologist at  Lund University in Sweden

The research was carried out on  264 people and all of them were involved in a series of questions. As per this research goes, the researchers have claimed that people who show interest in their stars possess a lower IQ level.nd not only this the sense of narcissistic values increases in their life.

The results were even more shocking. When these individuals were told to perform a minimized version of the Dark Triad of personality. And out of all the individuals involved, a lot showed a sense of association with the narcissistic characters.


Why do people start getting attracted to narcissistic personalities?

 Well, as per the author’s suggestion people tend to get a feeling that they themselves are the center of the world. And everything else tends to revolve around them. Many believe that mostly the horoscopes are framed. In a way that tends to please the individuals owning that zodiac sign which leads them towards narcissism.

Lastly, it can be said that many believe that there’s science behind all the horoscope predictions. And zodiac signs so they get support for their behavioral changes.

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We can conclude that people should tend to steer away from astrological beliefs. As it closely associates with people having a decrease in their IQ level and tends to develop narcissistic characters.

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