Here’s your guide to understanding Angel Numbers!

Angel numbers are astrological numbers that appear in a sequence. They appear as a way of waking up your subconscious. The most common or popular one is 11:11. They are signs from the Universe that arrive often at auspicious times, signalling that you are on the right path. 

Every angel number carries a different frequency, energy, or intention. It’s also important to note that depending on what you are thinking about when the angel number appears, it’s possible to ascribe your own personal definition to angel numbers. Angel numbers are so much more than a coincidence. These are signs from the universe, your spiritual team, and your intuition.

Here are some of the basic meanings of Angel Numbers:

111: Intention, manifestation, intuition

222: Balance, partnership, harmony

333: Creativity, support, luck

444: Protection, stability, grounding

555: Change, transformation

666: Release negative thinking patterns, be kind to yourself

777: Luck, spirituality, fortune

888: Abundance, wealth

999: Ending, closing a chapter so a new beginning can start

If you are seeing a repeating angel number over and over again, it’s time for you to stop and pause. What were you thinking about when you saw both of the angel numbers? Is there a theme? Usually seeing the same angel number over and over is a way for your guides to send a message home. That, yes, your thoughts are aligned with your higher purpose–pursue it! Or, yep, your gut feeling is right–don’t trust that person.

If you are seeing multiple angel numbers in a day, think deeper about the meanings you’ve associated with those numbers. For example, if a relative passed away and, around the time of their passing, you seem to notice 333 appearing around you—on billboards, license plates or even scrolling through social media—you might start to associate their presence or energy with that number.

If you’re seeing multiple sets of different angel numbers in a day, the Universe is likely sending you signs of alignment and multiple messages for you to tune into. You can keep an angel number journal to keep track of different thoughts, conversations or themes that come up when you run across these angelic sequences.

The best way to keep a count of your angel number is by noting them down. Write down every detail about the number, the location, and the people you were with. This may help you understand the cosmic messages being sent to you and pick up what the universe is saying.