Here’s how to identify if a Scorpio man is Attracted to you

Unmoving water sign One of the most challenging signs in the zodiac to define and comprehend is Scorpio. However, fortunately for you, we have tried and true methods to determine whether your Scorpio is playing hard to get or is merely uninterested.

Scorpio is the most enigmatic, gloomy, intense, and profound sign in the zodiac, thus it seems sense that they would be difficult to resist. And to make matters worse, this sign rules the 8th House, which deals with sex, lust, taboo subjects, psychology, and power. Any one of those factors in a relationship will cause problems. All of them, please? And boy, do you have a doozy on your hands.

You’ve seen the secretive, gloomy type in every love movie; it was Hardin Scott in After, Christian Gray in Fifty Shades of Grey, and Edward Cullen in Twilight. All of those men are complicated in addition to being attractive, making them the ideal avatars of Scorpio. They have a push-pull quality to them that the audience interprets as emotional manipulation, but for those engaged, it creates an addictive bond.

Scorpio: He is cruel to you. but tries to speak with you repeatedly.


Sadly, it’s accurate. Scorpio is prone to pushing before pulling. It’s only a protective mechanism, so don’t be alarmed. He’ll pull ferociously as he falls.
He is obtrusive. Pluto, the planet of power, after all, rules the sign of Scorpio. He is therefore not interested if he is not making an effort to appear powerful or to rise to prominence in your world.

Scorpio: He poses probing queries.

A Scorpio will not put up with superficial discourse. He will only discuss the complicated topics if he is truly invested, therefore.

Scorpio: He often wants you to hang out.

A Scorpio will keep making plans with you even if he tries to hide his feelings for you. Sincerity be damned, he might even be a little too clingy at first.
He keeps focusing his gaze. You may learn all you need to know about a Scorpio man by looking into his eyes. You will never get the opportunity to look into eyes as piercing as those on this sign. Therefore, take it as an invitation if you notice him glancing your way constantly.