Good & Bad Things that will Happen as per Your Zodiac in August 2022!

The month of August is here and it brings along a bumpy roller coaster ride for all the Zodiac. Want to know whether the ride is going up or down for your star sign? Just keep scrolling all you’ll get all the needed information about your star sign.

Effects on Zodiac Sign, The first of August

Well, this might showcase the rebellious side of your nature as  Mars goes on to have a chant with Uranus, so you might feel the urge to go beyond your limitations which might end up giving you a ton of surprises either in a positive or in a negative way.

Good & Bad Things that will Happen as per Your Zodiac in August 2022

The second of August

Just a sexy day as Venus is getting a flirty text from both Uranus and Mars which makes it an apt day for romantic gestures.

The third of August

Mercury goes to meet  Virgo which makes the upcoming week a good time to indulge in the things which need your focus and make this one of the most productive times.

The seventh of August

Mars clashes with Saturn which makes the road to your passion full of challenges and obstacles but on the other hand the touch of Venus to Neptune makes this a good time for romance as well.

The ninth of August

Not an ideal day as Venus gets chained by Pluto which might accompany bad news and not only this could even question your partner and might try to cling to your ex which isn’t a good case scenario.

The eleventh of August

Venus has a dancing date with Leo which makes you a passionate lover for a long time, that’s till the fifth of September, so if you are not hooked up with someone yet this is probably the best time to go on and explore.

The fourteenth of August

 This might be the darkest day of the year as fire collides with ice i.e Saturn meets the Sun but not only this passion will also be at its peak as Mars is there to hook-up with Pluto so if you get into physical intimacy it will be one of the best till date.

The sixteenth of August

As Uranus and Mercury are out there you need to have your creative caps on so that you can cook some ideas outside the box.

The eighteenth of August

Just a blessed romantic day as Venus is out there with Jupiter which is a rare sight so try to make this a memorable day.

august 2022 horoscope

The twentieth of August

Mars goes to Gemini till march of 2023 which makes you very passionate about your thoughts but it might accompany some serious discussions and even debates along its side not only this Mercury goes for a retrograde making this a week full of confusion.

The twenty-first of August

Mercury is high alongside Neptune so their thoughts are cloudy making this a day full of illusions but don’t you go along and have booze as well as it’s not a good idea.

The twenty-second of August

The Virgo season is here so is the practicality and as Virgo links with Pluto, you might as well get linked to deep thoughts.

The twenty-fourth of August

Uranus is asleep like a baby so you might feel a shift in the money-related aspects for a month or two.

The twenty-fifth of August

Mercury goes to Libra till the 23rd of September making your personality a charming one but you might end up getting double thoughts on your decisions as well.

The twenty-seventh of August

A new moon comes to Virgo which will help you in getting your health on track but the clash of Venus with Uranus may create some lows in your relationship alongside your finances. The sun also looks up to Mars which might create challenges for your goals and desires.

The twenty-eighth of August

Well, the last one isn’t a good one as Venus comes under the shadow of Saturn accompanying issues in relationships leaving you lonely and sad but try to cling there as the rain clouds shall pass very soon.

Good & Bad Things that will Happen as per Your Zodiac in August 2022

Hope you got to know what the upcoming month is going to be like. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also have their preparations for the month.

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