Everything you need to know about July 13 Full Moon in Capricorn!

The full moon on July 13 in Capricorn is unlike any other. It is time for one to bring rewarding and responsible energy to the table. It is about pulling yourself up and rising up the ladder through hard work and dedication. The key to making the most of this lunar event is to understand what challenges lie ahead, without disregarding how far you’ve travelled on your path up until this point.

July 13 Full Moon in Capricorn:

While full moons are often thought of as a time for closure and release, this lunar event will validate the premise that when one door closes, another one opens. A sweet connection between the sun, moon and the Lunar Nodes of Fate will inspire you to seize control of your destiny, especially regarding professional ambitions and emotional fulfilment. You’ll begin to see more clearly what must be done to attain success, even if the path ahead appears daunting. However, take a moment to meditate on your goals, then compile a pragmatic plan with a reasonable timeline for making these fantasies a reality.

Moreover, you may have noticed some changes in your love life. This is due to Venus and Saturn collaborating in the sky. If you’re stuck in a rut in your relationship, now is a good time to break through and be open and comfortable with one another. It’s a good time for your relationship to grow and blossom.

While most of the vibes on this day are poised to support you, it wouldn’t be a full moon without at least one element of drama. A harsh square between Venus and Neptune could spell trouble if you entangle yourself with someone deceptive, as these vibes are ripe for gaslighting, sketchy behaviours, and lies. You could also find yourself enamoured with someone who isn’t quite as they appear, so you’ll want to let your guard down slowly when it comes to new love interests, no matter how charming their smile may be.