EGOT Winner Jennifer Hudson’s Zodiac Fuels Up as Superstar!

From appearance in the 2004 edition of American idol (Jennifer Hudson’s). And not winning the show to getting an Oscar for “Best supporting Actress” for the movie ‘Dreamgirls’. It’s surely one hell of a rollercoaster ride for Jennifer Hudson. We are here to dig down deep on her life. In order know how her stars helped her along the way.

Jennifer Hudson’s Birth Chart

Jennifer was born in the year 1981 on the 12th of September making her a Virgo Sun alongside a Pisces Moon.. And as per her birth time goes there are lesser known facts about it.

The Elements that her Zodiac is compiled of mainly consists of Air as well as water providing her with a witty perspective towards life with a few sprinkles of emotions as well.

Jennifer Hudson’s zodiac sign helped EGOT winner

A Deeper Dive into Jennifer Hudson’s Stars

She’s got a Libra composed of five planets Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn as well as Pluto which certainly is a rare combination. And as per astrology goes this combination is referred as Stellium. She’s got an attractive personality that makes her lure people in with her charm. Undoubtedly her talents are also at peak.

Mercury, considered as the planet of mind goes along with Jupiter. The planet of expansion and luck making her a witty, fun loving personality. Alongside this she’s also got a wider perspective towards her life. And tons of energy in order to achieve life goals. Even in the dull days she’s always in look for the brighter side which certainly brings along luck along her side.

Jennifer Hudson’s zodiac sign helped EGOT winner gain superstar status

Not only with Jupiter, Mercury’s connection with Saturn. The planet of ambition as well as stability makes her more focused which helps her to get towards the finish line.

Undoubtedly she was born to be famous as her planetary alignments is quite rare such as the connection between Jupiter and Saturn. Not only that Saturn’s connection with match juices her up in order to achieve greatness in life.

The Moon

Her moon’s companionship with Venus makes her affectionate towards arts. And surely music and dance in her case not only this it surely is one of the reasons for her getting all the fame she deserves.

The moon alongside Pluto provided her with a deeper perspective towards the various life aspects.

What’s in Store for Her in the Upcoming Years?

Well sunny days are ahead alongside some clouds here and there. As Jupiter is distant in certain life perspectives such as relationship during the year of 2022. And the first half of 2023 but it surely will be around in the summer of 2023 as well as 2024. In addition to that we will accompany some new contracts her way.

A significant Karmic cycle will also start during 2023’s March which will last for three upcoming years. Saturn will stand against the sun which will bring along some major life lessons as far as relationships goes.

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