Descendant Sign in Astrology: Meaning and Difference Explained!

The descendant in a birth chart can be found on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel from your ascendant, at the top of the seventh house.

Ascendant vs. Descendant

First and foremost, the ascendant or “rising sign”, is the exact opposite of your descendant in location and symbolic meaning. The rising sign is on the left-hand side of your birth chart, while the descendant is on the right-hand side.

Unlike your sun sign or Venus sign, the descendant is a chart point rather than an actual planet or celestial body. It represents one of the four angles found in birth charts: ascendant, descendant, midheaven, and imum coeli.

The difference between ascendant and descendant is all in the presentation. While your ascendent represents your personal energy, sense of self, and self-image, the descendent sign in astrology is all about what you seek in relationships with others. It embodies the exact opposite qualities to those that you actively project into the world.


While the rising sign is attributed to you and your integration with the world, the descendant is much more concerned with others on the outside than you. It indicates what you most wish you were like or the person you’d like to see yourself become. 

It represents the qualities that you admire in others and can show the areas of life you yearn to grow. Additionally, it’s best used to indicate what kind of partner you need in your life in order for you to feel excited and pushed for growth.  

How to Find Your Descendant Sign?

To find your descendant sign, grab a copy of your birth chart and look to the cusp of the seventh house and locate which zodiac sign it starts in. That is the sign of your descendant.