Day of the Dead 2022 – Mexican Holiday History and Meaning!

The Day of the Dead. Haven’t heard about this before? Well the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a pre Colombian ritual mixed with  an European tradition and is celebrated all over Mexico. It’s quite an interesting holiday during which people present their feelings to the lost souls in order to show that they have not forgotten about them.

Day of the Dead 2022 The history and meaning behind the Mexican holiday When and Where?

It is celebrated all across Central, South and North America on the 1st and 2nd of November.

It’s celebrated for two days as the first day is reserved for the souls of the children whereas the second one is for the adults.

When and Why did it Start?

If we turn the pages of the history book we’ll get to know that this started around 3000 years ago by the Nahua people of Mesoamerica. They had a belief that death and life were not different, rather death was an important part of life.

According to them life didn’t of person didn’t end upon their death rather after dying the person’s soul started its journey to the Chicunamictlan or simply the underworld, it’s quite a long journey of nine levels which took four years and lastly the soul reaches to its final destination Mictlan. So the living offered necessities such as food and water in order to make their ancestor’s journey a peaceful one.


The Traditions:

One of the most important features for this day are Altars which are not fixed. And keep on changing from one region to another and also from one tradition to another. These altars alongside offerings are known as Ofrenda.

A ton of things can be offered such as salt, water, alcohol alongside skulls made of sugar. And meringue which are very pretty to look at as they are quite vibrant. And resemble a sign of adding sweetness to life. Various food items are also offered in which Pan de Muerto or the bread of the dead is quite well known.

Is it Similar to Halloween?

Well to be blunt it isn’t, though both these festivals have got their root tied to death. But if we take a look at the history books Hallowen has its link to the ancient Pagan harvest festival called as Samhain. Whereas the Day of the Dead enables us to showcase our love towards the one we lost.

Cultural Aspect

Well Mourning is quite a common culture for almost all the religions. The Day of Dead is surely a good way to remind us of our lost ancestors.

While this surely is a cultural day one shouldn’t use this name in order to earn profit like Walt Disney. Who once tried to use this before releasing ‘Coco’ not only that Mattel. Also used this name for one of its Barbie themes, well that’s quite inappropriate.

It’s quite a tradition to look at but people should get proper permissions so that they can have a close look at this culture and use the photographs which surely can be appreciated by others.

Day of the Dead 2022 History & Meaning behind the Mexican holiday

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