4 Crystals to Improve Self-Confidence

If you need a confidence boost or looking for self-love, these crystals will help boost your personal happiness. We’ll go over the crystals that are said to spread the most love, support, and positivity.

Crystals for Self-Confidence:

Black Tourmaline

Healing Properties: banishing negative thoughts, overcoming depression

Zodiac Sign: Libra

This black stone is the ultimate tool for overcoming depressive thoughts or symptoms. When you feel like you’re getting into a downward spiral and need a quick recovery, black tourmaline has your back. Wear it as a necklace or place one on your work desk. Another use for this stone is to help overcome toxic relationships—with others and yourself.


Healing Properties: positivity, joy, happiness

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Citrine brings the sun wherever it goes. Ultimately, it’s supposed to help you channel sunnier views to your day-to-day life. So, it’s the best choice for when you’re feeling depressed or needing a pick-me-up. This crystal also doubles as a money-maker! Place one in your wallet for a little extra dose of cash flow. 

Bumblebee Jasper

Healing Properties: courage, energy, vitality

Zodiac Sign: Leo

This unique crystal is as fun to look at as it is to use. Whenever you’re feeling like you aren’t good enough for something (or someone), bumblebee jasper will prove you wrong at every corner. Use it to pump yourself up before a big meeting or presentation by wearing it around your wrist.

Rose Quartz

Healing Properties: confidence, self-love, peace 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

This pretty pink stone is a tried-and-true stone of love. It helps encourage more love in your relationship as well as more love with yourself. So, if you feel that your lack of confidence stems from a lack of self-love, rose quartz is the way to go. You can easily wear it as a necklace or as earrings!