Here are Five Crystals to help you during this Mars Retrograde

During this time, you don’t have to let uncertainty consume you or let your emotions take over. You might see this time as a chance for development and enlightenment by understanding what Mars retrograde implies and by getting ready for it. Mars retrograde has a direct impact on our self-confidence, so we’ve put up a list of the five essential crystals you need to keep your spirits up this season. To get the most out of these crystals, wear them or use them while meditation.

A planet’s energy is somehow restrained or obstructed when it appears to be travelling backward, or when it goes retrograde. When the energy of the card is blocked, consider reversed Tarot cards.

Our energy is assertive and combative when Mars is direct. When Mercury is in retrograde, we become cautious, uncertain, and self-conscious all the time. We may not feel as confident as we usually do, or we may start to wonder or question our skills.

While this can be unsettling for us, it also gives us the chance to learn more about who we are as a person. In the case of Mars, this allows us to better understand our motivations and any areas where we might lack self-assurance.

Crystal 1: Fire Agate

Fire agate is excellent for making you feel alive and energised if Mars Retrograde is making you feel especially drab or uninspired.

Mood slumps are prevalent when Mars is retrograde. This specific gem might be the kick in the pants you need to get back into action and helps to offer a spark in the dark. It is also renowned for being a stone with strong soothing energy that acts as protection.

Under Mars retrograde, your sexual and creative energy could also have difficulties. Keep in mind that fire agate can genuinely aid in stimulating various aspects of your life.


Crystal 2: Sunstone

As its name implies, sunstone is one of those crystals that spread sunshine wherever it goes.

Sunstone infuses vigour and joy for anyone who is unable to see the end of the tunnel or who lacks the self-assurance to carry out their plans. This gem can work very well when worn around the neck.

Where there is a lack of confidence, sunstone gives it. It enables you to feel good about yourself and your surroundings even when circumstances are difficult by letting your true self come through. It serves as a sort of lighthouse that guides you through difficult moments.

Crystal 3: Carnelian

Natural boldness and confidence are suppressed by Mars retrograde. Come on, Caelian! It balances our internal forces, which are related to courage and strength, and is related to the Solar Plexus chakra, like most orange and red stones.

Strength and creativity are encouraged by carnelian. The noble and warm characteristics of this stone are beneficial for standing up for ourselves and others.

Carnelian can aid with anything requiring perseverance and leadership. It combats fear and encourages the illumination of our inner light.

Crystal 4: Citrine

Citrine is yet another crystal that has a strong resonance with the Solar Plexus. Your energy levels are strengthened, and optimism is increased by this wonderful stone. Citrine might aid in dispelling pessimism or pessimistic thinking if you struggle with it.

It changes hostile energy into uplifting energy. This crystal will enable you to spot the bright spot in every cloud.

Wearing citrine as a pendant can be extremely beneficial. It helps you overcome long-held worries and inspires you to pursue your goals. You may believe in yourself and your inherent abilities with the aid of this gem.

Crystal 5: Red Jasper

If you are having self-worth issues, which is a genuine possibility during Mars retrograde, this crystal is fantastic for you. Despite having a fire vitality, red jasper uses moderate procedures. It increases one’s capacity for honesty with oneself and for self-assurance.

It keeps you feeling grounded and is referred to be the Supreme Nurturer. Around the time of Mars’ retrograde, escapism is prevalent. When things get too much, we want to withdraw into our own world and stay there.

Red jasper supports us in maintaining our equilibrium, empowering us to confront our concerns and move forward—no matter how terrifying the path ahead may be.