Cosmic Love: Astrology Versed Dating Show for Sexy Singles | Hookups!

Heard about Amazon studio’s new show “Cosmic love”? Well if you still aren’t aware of what it is we are here to take you through trivia as surely this is one of the most fascinating shows for the ones who care about their stars!


Just a Brief Intro:

The show is based upon finding the perfect match for four sizzling contestants and that match has some of its leads from their astrological birth chart.

The Insights:

Well, we don’t really fall in love with people along with the terms and conditions applied but what if there are some terms that your birth chart has planned for you in order to get the best out of the relationships that you are into.

Cosmic Love Astrology Versed Dating Show

As per the Astro twins – they say that people are matched on the basis of their sun, moon, mercury, and astrological chart. As the season unfolds they are out to search deep down for their partner and they got to keep two things in mind that are either they can go where their hearts take them or they can go where their stars take them and whatever their choice of the journey it’s certainly a treat to watch for the viewers.

The Leads:

There are four leads in the show each representing the four elements involved in astrology.

Maria Rodriguez (representing the Earth element) she’s a 28-year-old spicy Latina from Newyork who’s into business and even has her own brand named M beauty party.

Phoebe Davis (representing the Fire element) a 28-year-old who’s natively based from Spokane, Washington.

Cosmic Love Astrology Versed Dating Show for Sexy Singles Hookups

Connor Shennan (representing the Air element) a 27-year-old from Phoenix Arizona who’s a firefighter by occupation.

Noel Allen (representing the Water element) a 31-year-old from New Jersey who’s a personal trainer and also is passionate about cooking and Anime.

The Plot:

As the season rolls, these four will be mixed with a group of another 16 in order to look for the love of their life but they will probably have their astrological instructions by their side which they can follow if they want to. We’ll be as eager as you to look whether their stars have better plans or they will stick to what their heart says.

Don’t forget to catch all the 10 episodes on Prime video on the 12th of August.

Cosmic Love Astrology Versed Dating Show for Sexy Singles Hookups

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