Ceres and Mercury Conjunction and what you need to know

The suitable terms. the ideal moment. a suitable presentation. Sounds recognizable? These are characteristics that may point to a Mercury and Ceres conjunction. A remarkable speaker or teacher can result from the energy created when the unconditionally loving Earth Mother sits next to the planet of communication and ideas.

These two energies work well together to produce effective therapists, teachers, mediators, lawyers, and motivational speakers, to mention a few.

Since being a nurturer comes so naturally to you, there are times when you need to detach your identity from that position. It’s critical to recognize your needs before routinely nourishing yourself.


When Ceres is in conjunction with Mercury, finding the appropriate words is not difficult for you. 


In other words, whether you speak or write, you can cure others with your words.

It’s conceivable that you can sense what someone else needs to acknowledge or comprehend to recover. Keep in mind that you should choose to convey messages gently even if someone needs to hear them.

Even if sharing this gift is sometimes appropriate, it’s also crucial to exercise discernment and give others the freedom to choose their path. You are not expected to relieve others’ suffering.

Writing, teaching, journalism, motivational speaking, teaching meditation, working in the mental health field, and group therapy are a few professions assisted by this characteristic.