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The Frontline singer of the famous Maroon 5 Adam Levine is in the midst of an allegation so will he be able to come out clean of this allegation or will this end up his marriage with his wife Behati Prinsloo? Let’s take a look and see what their stars have to say about this.

As well take  you through the birth chart of the couple as well as Sumner Stroh who’s the one alleging Adam to be cheating his wife with her and that too over a year’s duration.

Adam Levine

He was born on the 18th of March in the year 1979 which provides him with double water signs i.e. a Pisces sun alongside a Scorpio moon.

If we take a look at the Pisces they certainly have a sensitive nature who try to escape the reality. And during this course they also tend to forget about the limitation. So it’s probably that Adam didn’t crossed the line in his relation. As it never existed for him and Stroh is apparently not the only one blaming him. As there’s been a ton of woman who came forward to speak up against Adam’s behaviour.

Cheating Allegations Will Adam Levine Marriage Survive

Sumner Stroh

She’s the one having a Leo sun and she surely loves romantic pleasures and not only this. She’s also ready to carry along a ton of drama by her side. So as her allegation came to the limelight she’s received a ton of mixed emotions. As people some people are supportive towards her case while some trolled her by saying that she went on to carry the conversation forward. Even when she knew the fact that Adam has a wife.

Adam-Levine-with-Behati-Prinsloo cheating allegations

Behati Prinsloo

She was born on the sixteenth of may which makes her a Taurus who has a practical approach towards life.

If we take Adam’s water sign in consideration it always aids the earth sign to bloom even to their fullest. And in return the earth provides stability as well as direction to the water. But if we have a look towards the darker side the earth might not feel comfortable towards the emotional side of water. Whereas the water might feel like it’s held captive by the earth.

So will the Marriage Survive?

So the answer to this surely lies within the hands of Prinsloo, whether she ready to forgive and carry on a happy married life. Or she wants to back away from it and as per a Taurus nature’s goes they are quite dedicated towards their partner. And even more they tend to stick with their partner even though they’ve been cheated upon. But as tender as they seem things might turn extremely bad well as the bull might go rogue. And make their partner feel devastated of their own existence whatever the case may be we surely wish that this ends on a good note.


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