Blood Moon on November 8th 2022 and what it will bring

Each eclipse has a minimum six-month shadow cast on human affairs. While lunar eclipses, in which the earth stands between the sun and the moon, bring about fated endings, breakdowns, or breakthroughs, solar eclipses, in which the moon blocks the light of the sun, bring about fresh beginnings and prospects. A total lunar eclipse is referred to as a “blood moon” because the sun’s light must travel through the atmosphere of the earth to reach the moon, giving it a reddish tint. It is a lunar red moon during this eclipse.

This lunar eclipse falls on the potent Scorpio–Taurus axis because Venus, the planet of wealth and love, dominates Taurus and Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, rules Scorpio. Other planets congregate near the ends of the eclipse, adding strength to the arrangement. While Uranus joins the Taurus Moon, Mercury and Venus join the Scorpio sun.

The Scorpio/Taurus axis discusses the use of authority over unimportant matters. Scorpio will keep secrets in order to acquire or maintain power. Scorpio examines the underlying meaning of problems to comprehend fully how to apply the power it has gathered. This sign won’t hesitate to engage in esoteric rituals if doing so will help to achieve the desired results. Taurus thinks that in order to live comfortably, resources should be distributed fairly. You wouldn’t be wrong if you said that the Taurus religion is steak and potatoes. Taurus despises being left out, and the bull finds Scorpio’s attempt to withhold information annoying. The outcome is a fundamental conflict between secret information and public knowledge, withholding and sharing, and darkness and the light.

You can feel as though your pals have put you on the periphery. This isn’t all terrible, Virgo, because it appears that friends and coworkers will be at odds for the next six months. Keeping your head out of the fray is far better. Consider focusing your efforts on what you do best—nailing down the specifics and studying issues to find the most effective solution. You currently gain from working in larger contexts.


For the following six months, you take on the role of secret keeper. Despite how flattering that is, you don’t feel at ease in the position. You don’t want to take part in anything that would insult friends, associates, or family members. The second is that you are terrible at keeping secrets, especially big, juicy ones, which you are aware of. Find a way to volunteer your time for a good cause to keep your mind off illicit activities. Pay a visit to family members who might not be able to come see you.

Adversity may seem to follow you, but this is actually your chance to pull off a triple-double and triumph. Your zodiac sign forms a harmonic aspect to Jupiter, the planet of abundance, while the planets of business and money surround your sun. Don’t let a lot of labour get you down; keep your eyes on the goal. Future days will be better.

Now is the perfect moment to start those projects you’ve been considering. The fifth house of creativity in the eclipse chart is occupied by the planet of abundance, Jupiter, and the planet of dreams transiting through your sign. You’ll experience an increase in your creative energy as a result. Alternatively, you are free to start or grow your family. Take the high road and, if at all possible, avoid the drama that is raging all around you. People that try to seduce you just cause issues.