Celestial Phenomenon: Star-Gazing August Events that You Should not Miss!

Star-Gazing August Events – If you are the type of person who sips your evening brew while looking at the stars. Well the month of August is surely going to be a cherry on the cake for your star-gazing nights. As a number of heavenly occurrences are there for you to witness. Want to know when you can catch these and what are the effects of these phenomena? Well, you are at the right place, just keep scrolling below and you’ll get to know all the space geek stuff.

August Events, 12th August’ 22 – Supermoon (last one for  this year)

 Also called the Sturgeon moon this will be the last supermoon for this year and will be visible all around the globe. Well, it might a pretty sight for the eyes it’s effects aren’t that pretty. As they are linked to strange human behaviors which might involve sleepwalking, and suicidal thoughts. And you might even end up getting an insane as well as violent behavior towards people around you.


 13th of August 2022 – Perseids Meteor shower (60+ meteors/hour)

 The meteors are named as Perseids as the place from which they appear to fall is within the Perseus Constellation. And it’s certainly a beautiful sight to witness not only this. This shower also accompanies new ideas by indulging you in more creative works as well as creating a sense of belief in the spiritual aspect of life.

Perseids Meteor shower Aug 2022

14th of August 2022 – Saturn closest to Earth for this year

At sunset, Saturn will rise in the east and will be visible throughout the night. As per the Hindu texts, Saturn is also referred to as Shani which carries along a sense of discomfort by its side. Not only this you might have a depressing as well as sorrowful feeling on this day. And you might even end up getting sick. So just try to take a break from the busy schedule and sit back and relax on this day.

Saturn closest to Earth on Aug 2022

19th of August 2022 – Moon and Mars will be very close to one another

 Well as the Moon and Mars belong to two opposite spectrums their closeness won’t be much of a help as you may get confident. While doing a task but at the same time you might even get aggressive towards your colleagues.So try to keep your energy levels a bit under control and you’ll be sorted for the day.

Moon and Mars closest-aug-2022

Hope this month will be a Rollercoaster ride for you. Don’t forget to share this ride with a dear friend of yours by simply sharing this article.

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