Astrology or Human Design? Which is Better & More Accurate!

Heard about Human Design yet? We are here to tell you what human design is and can it be compared to astrology and is it a better option than astrology? Just keep scrolling below.

Human Design

It was developed by a Canadian called as Alan Krakower who was later called as Ra Ura Hu who claimed to have downloaded the framework from “The Voice” that’s considered as an superior intelligence from distant land at around 1987.

Well it’s a system that integrates all the Ancient facts alongside the modern data which helps one to have a better control over themselves, it helps us to channelise our energy in a better way and make the perfect choice as per our needs.

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Can this be Considered Better than Astrology?

Well that is a debatable question as it uses a chart system quite similar to the birth chart used for Astrology, this system focuses more on the human nature and enables an individual to take major life decisions based upon their very own personal nature.

How to get a Human Design Chart for Yourself?

You can hop on to several websites such as MyHumanDesign and myBodyGraph. These will provide you with the charts consisting of Various chakra shapes, colours, lines, numbers and planetary symbols. The right hand side denotes the conscious personality while the left is for the unconscious one. Based upon these design charts there are four different types of energy. Alongside a hybrid one with each one of these having their own set of boons and banes.



Majority of the population falls under this as they tend to look for a job that feeds them well. And certainly the demerit that comes along is that they turn out to be a people pleaser.


The people having a great vision fall under this category as this can either draw people towards you or repel them far away from you. They are true to people’s faces but don’t like others interrupting their ideologies and methodologies.

Manifesting Generator

They surely are witty as well as resourceful. They try to reach for experience which may even lead to failure. But that won’t bother their inner drive as they are destined to get great heights due to their strong will.



The sole purpose of a projector is to lead others towards a better life as they hold a great power of perception. They need to have a more consistent approach towards life as their energy levels are quite fluctuating.


That’s a rare type because only one percent of the masses comes under this category. And they the to act like mirrors so as their name suggests, their energy level are quite heavily affected by lunation. And having a direct relation with the waxes and wanes.

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