Aspects in Astrology Explained!

In Astrology, aspects are angles that planets form between each other as they move through the zodiac wheel. Everything the planets do in the sky influences us. Aspects don’t only affect your daily life, they can also affect your personality. 

Your birth chart doesn’t just cover what signs the planets were in the moment you were born, it also covers many aspects that occurred the moment you came into the world as well. 

By understanding these aspects, you can understand certain parts of your life’s journey as well. Just like planets and astrology signs, aspects have their own symbols that represent what they mean. 



A conjunction occurs when two planets are in at the same sign, usually 0 to 10 degrees away from each other. When two planets form a conjunction, their combined energies in the sign strengthen, for better or worse.


Do opposites really attract? Planets are in opposition to each. An opposition occurs when two or more planets are on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel. It can bring out the best from each, or the worst. 


A sextile occurs when two signs are 60 degrees apart, so when two planets are in favourable elements: like air and fire or earth and water. This is a very chill, friendly aspect that allows all to finally relax and get along. 


A trine is formed when two planets are about 120 degrees away from each other. Despite the distance, this is a very lucky aspect, bringing a period of luck, harmony, positive changes, and good vibes.


One of the more unfriendly angles, a square occurs when two planets are at a 90-degree angle, creating a hard aspect, where a lot of drama and intense conflict takes place. However, while the square brings us challenges, it can also force us to deal with uncomfortable issues to overcome them. Remember, every challenge helps us grow.