Angela Bassett’s Birth Chart: How Zodiac Fuels to Be Highest-Paid Black Actress!

We all are quite familiar with Angela Bassett and if you aren’t familiar with her real name you surely do recognise T’Challa’s mother Queen Ramonda. She’s one of the highest paid actresses around and if we talk in terms of figure she raises around $450,000 per episode for Fox drama’s 9-1-1.

What’s so charming about her personality? We’ve dug down deep into her zodiac to check how her stars favor her. Keep scrolling below!

angela-bassettAngela Bassett’s Birth Chart:

She came to this planet on the 16th of August in the year 1958 but the timings about her birth aren’t quite obvious on the internet.

She’s got a Leo sun alongside a Virgo moon and as per her elemental energy goes she’s got fire and earth stored within her. Angela is the one who turns her passions into her goals which aids her in building her empire.

She’s got some great celestial bodies in her arsenal, The sun and Jupiter both of which have a great positive impact on her personality.


As for the sun’s characters, it’s the one that’s gonna outshine others. The same is the case with the person owning it. Regardless of the fact that whether that person is a celebrity or not they are always going to have a radiance being emitted out.

On the other hand Jupiter is well known for the luck it brings along, both the sun and Jupiter are in a perfect sync for Angela. That surely means she’s born to shine. As she’s full with a ton of leadership qualities and she’s always got good luck by her side.

Angela Bassett’s Sun Tie:

If we dig down deep it’s quite clear that the sun not only has ties with Jupiter but with other planets as well. First the sun’s got ties with Saturn which brings strength to her and fills her with a strong will which boosts her to achieve her desired goals. Another connection of the sun is with Mars which fuels her with the needed energy. Some other plants around which the sun lingers are Pluto, Uranus and Mercury aiding her in power, wit and communication respectively.


How’s the Upcoming Days Going to be Like for Angela Bassett?

Jupiter’s is swinging by her side since the second half of 2021 and is going to hang around till the spring of 2023. She’s going to have a great time around this as numerous new projects await her. And more of them are going to be as per her taste.

She’s also going to have a boom in regards to her finances during the second half of the year 2023. However, Angela is surely going to be in the limelight as a number of contracts await her. The only downside is that she’s got Saturn and Pluto in her Ascendants. And that indicates that she’s going to have a few problems to deal with. But there’s nothing to worry as she’s a warrior and will surely overcome these.

Angela Bassett’s zodiac sign Why she’s the highest-paid black actress in TV history

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