Amidst Russia & Ukraine War: Civilians Turns to Astrologers!

Russia & Ukraine War – As the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine people were quite unsure about their future. This was seen as a case surge in the demand for astrologers. As the people wanted to know what fate is written in their star.

Russia & Ukraine War Believes:

In Saint Petersburg city of Russia, a client was out there with an astrologer and her concern was that the public wanted to know what going to be the condition of Russia if it cuts itself from the world.

Well, this showcases a concern among the people regarding their future and also their belief in the astrologer. And in a situation like the one which Russia is going through people turn to astrologers. So that they can have a hint of their future upcoming.

Amidst Russia & Ukraine War, Civilians Turns to Astrologers

The Surge of Russia & Ukraine War:

A physiologist named Korolyova has made a prediction that Moscow will surely be able to rise from the economic crisis. She charges 5000 rubles which is approximately $90 for a single consultation session. From the time when troops were sent by Vladimir Putin to Ukraine which is the 24th of February. A surge in the number of clients has been seen.

Russia and Ukraine War Civilians Turns to Astrologers

According to Russia’s main search engine Yandex. The number of searches for astrologers has bumped up more than twice within the first week of the conflict. The numbers have increased fromn42,900 to 95,000 on the fifth of March.

Political Aspect:

An astrologer from Moscow named Konstantin Daragan who also claimed to be the one who gave predictions about the Coronavirus said that Russia will be the Victorious side.

Primarily belonging to the eastern region of Donbas in Ukraine claimed that he has given advice to a ton of ministers as well as bankers. And also people belonging to Ukraine’s secret service. He’s on the Russian side as his school of classical Astrology has seen twice the number of students from the time that Putin launched an intervention in Ukraine.

 Well as per an astrologer named Angela Pearl Saturn belongs to Russia whereas Uranus belongs to Ukraine which gives Ukraine an upper hand.

Amidst Russia & Ukraine War Civilians Turns to Astrologers

Well, most Ukrainians are going to astrologers so that they can get an idea of the survival of their loved ones. And whether or not they will make it out alive.

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