All 12 Zodiac Symbols: Detailed and Explained!

If you’ve ever looked at the zodiac wheel or a birth chart, you likely noticed a series of symbols that didn’t make sense. Every zodiac sign is associated with various zodiac symbols which range from animals to mythological characters to Greek gods and goddesses. 

What Are the 12 Zodiac Symbols?

Aries: Ram

Its constellation and astrological symbol both include the shape of ram horns, to honour the strength and fearlessness of this magical creature. 

Taurus: Bull

The Taurus glyph shows the shape of a Bull’s head, with a circle and two horns protruding from the top. 

Gemini: Twins

The Gemini zodiac symbol shows the brothers as two lines set side by side, connected in the glyph, as they were in life. 

Cancer: Crab

The Cancer zodiac symbol shows two crab claws, allowing the story of Hydra’s devoted servant to live on.

Leo: Lion

The Leo zodiac symbol depicts the head and pelt of the Lion, showcasing the strength it represents. 

Virgo: Maiden

The Virgo zodiac symbol shows an “M” with a curved circle coming out of the last leg which represents the innocence and introspection that comes with this sign. 

Libra: Scales

Of all the zodiac symbols, Libra’s shows two parallel lines, with the top line housing a large curve. This represents the sun setting over Earth and the duality of night and day.

Scorpio: Scorpion

The Scorpio zodiac symbol looks much like an “M” with an arrow coming out of its side. Though, if you consider the shape of a Scorpion and its stinger, you can easily see where this symbol’s inspiration lies.

Sagittarius: Archer

The Sagittarius zodiac symbol is an arrow, which represents the talented hunter Chiron was.

Capricorn: Goat

The Capricorn zodiac symbol depicts goat horns met with a fish’s tail. 

Aquarius: Water-Bearer

Aquarius’ zodiac symbol appears as two waves of water, resembling the liquid Ganymede poured for the gods he catered to. 

Pisces: Two Fish

The Pisces zodiac symbol shows two curved lines with a straight line running across the middle of them, representing the Two Fish and their connection.