6 Signs to Spot a Fake Psychic!

There are many authentic and caring psychics who sincerely want to help people heal and find guidance using their abilities. Then, there are fake psychics who prey upon vulnerable people. These fake psychics exploit others who are experiencing heartbreak, loss, and trauma. Here are some tips to differentiate the fake and the real.

Fake Psychic Signs:

Street psychics are generally a bad idea.

I have generally never heard anything positive about psychics with neon signs on street corners, or psychics who approach and surprise people in public spaces. Instead, go to a local metaphysical store that has a good reputation; they may employ psychics they believe in as they will usually get a reading from them before hiring them.

Say no to psychics that offer curses.

Beware of any fake psychics that claims you have a curse that is making you unlucky or unable to find a partner. Curses are only as strong as your belief in them, so a fake psychic telling you that you are cursed is only burying you deeper in fear.

Avoid psychics that give you eerie warnings.

Another way a fake psychic will exploit your fear is through warning you of something vague and not telling you what to do about it, or that the only way you could avoid such a situation would be to purchase another one of their services. All they will say is “be careful” with this person, this place, this job, etc. with no guidance.

Psychics that charge for ‘additional services’ aren’t credible.

In addition to claiming you are cursed, fake psychics will also offer services outside of the session, such as lighting a candle or praying for you for a specific amount of days to heal you. They will usually charge exorbitant amounts of money and convince you that they are your savior.

No psychic should claim their readings are 100% accurate.

Any psychic claiming 100% accuracy is fake. Even the most tested and famous psychics do not claim to be 100% accurate. Real psychics know that messages may get misinterpreted, and that timing and future paths are malleable based on the clients’ energy and decisions.

Psychics that give you general information may not know anything.

A fake psychic will give you only general information, and they will read your body language or face to gauge your reactions. A real psychic can tune into your energy, and can help validate specific things like a name, a memory, a place, etc.