6 Crystals to Use During Witchcraft

Crystals carry different energetic vibrations and properties, and this energy can be used to amplify or harness specific vibrations during spellwork, attract energy or manifestations or for protection.  Here’s everything you need to know about 6 popular and helpful crystals to use during witchcraft.

Crystals to Use During Witchcraft:

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a great crystal to start out with because it offers a cleansing energy. Clear quartz can help us find clarity. This is a purifying stone that you can also use to cleanse your aura and help increase confidence and clear communication. 

It’s also a great starter stone for connecting with your intuition and when used during spellwork, it can increase or amplify the intention of what you’re manifesting.


Tourmaline is a must-have when getting started with crystals. Tourmaline is a grounding stone that wards off and absorbs negative energy. If you’re around draining people or work in a toxic environment, this stone is a wonderful one to carry on your body. It can reduce fear, ease anxiety, and help restore a sense of feeling centred and calm. 


Selenite is a great stone for any witch to have in their collection. Selenite is a cleansing stone that purifies and clears out stagnant energy. This is a great stone to sweep over your body before engaging in any witchcraft to cleanse your space and body. It’s a calming and soothing stone that can also help you release any emotional blocks you’ve been experiencing. 


Hematite is a dark, yet shiny, reflective stone that’s perfect for grounding and protection. It removes any negative energy and its reflective surface sends that energy away and blocks it from ever reaching you.

It’s a beautiful stone to reconnect with the Earth and to call in more stable energy. Hematite is great for building trust and connecting with your root chakra.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a divine stone for building up one’s confidence and engaging in self-love. It’s a powerful stone for manifesting love, but it’s even more powerful when you focus first on your connection and relationship with self-love.

This stone can help heal broken hearts and shift negative emotions into more positive ones. It can attract more harmony and peace in your closest ties, too, as well as deliver creative inspiration. 


If you’re curious about crystals and witches, you’re probably eager to build up your psychic muscles. Amethyst’s radiant purple hues correlate with the third eye chakra and can be used to reconnect you with your psychic abilities and intuition.

It’s a calming stone that can also ward off sleep issues and help quell anxiety. It has a cleansing energy, too, and can help protect you from psychic attacks from others.