5 Best Astrology Apps For You

If you have a keen interest in Astrology and want to learn more about this fascinating subject, our website is the one for you. However, if you are looking for an app focused on Astrology, we’ve got the 5 best Astrology Apps for you.

5 Best Astrology Apps


Best for: Novice + advanced astrologers, natal charts, progressed charts, synastry

This is the go-to app for many astrologers out there. With TimePassages, you can cast the current astrological chart, bring up your daily horoscope (in chart form), determine how transits will affect your chart, create synastry charts (compatibility), cast secondary progressions, and so much more. While this is definitely not an app for beginners, if you’re learning astrology it might be worthwhile; there are descriptions of the planets, signs, and what the aspects mean if you ever get stuck!

Sun Signs: Horoscopes

Best for: Beginners, horoscopes (daily, weekly, monthly), personalization, easy-to-use technology 

Sun Signs: Horoscopes is a user-friendly app that’s perfect for beginner astrologers who are just starting to dabble in the cosmic world. Use it to learn about your birth chart, cast free tarot readings, read daily horoscopes, and find compatibility between you and your partner—all at your fingertips. 


Best for: Beginners, trend-followers, colloquialisms

This was one of the first apps to revolutionize the astrology market. With its sleek, modernist design and brutally honest notifications, Co-Star is popular because it resonates with many people. Compare your chart to any friends who have the app—and see whether you’re compatible! One of Co-Star’s best features is its “chaos mode” button. Tell the app to remind your future self of the significance of certain transits!

Time Nomad

Best for: Pro astrologers, upcoming transits, widget capability

If you’ve gotten the basics down and are looking for the next step in astrology, Time Nomad has you covered. This app shows current transits as well as personal transits in an easy-to-read list form when you open up the app—so you’ll never miss a beat. But that’s not all! Time Nomad also shows world events, current chart, synastry charts, and it even offers astro guidance on its blog. 


Best for: Everyone, horoscopes, personalization, easy-to-use technology

This colourful app offers a fun, relatable and emoji-friendly platform to learn and use astrology. Sanctuary brings horoscopes, of course. But its main attraction is the direct connection to tarot readers and astrologers for professional readings.