3 of the Friendliest Zodiac Signs

While every zodiac sign has their moments, there are a few zodiac signs who are friendlier than all the rest. 

Most Friendly Zodiac Sign: Libra

Libras are known for their bubbly, social personalities and their ability to get along with pretty much anyone—making them the friendliest zodiac sign out of them all.

They prioritize treating everyone equally and are motivated by connection over all else. They are effortlessly able to keep the peace and often serve as the mediator amongst others when conflict arises. Their air modality makes it easy for them to adapt to any situation, and, while others may consider them to be pushovers at times, they ultimately just want to be liked by everyone. And more often than not, they are.

Other Friendly Signs


These sensitive souls are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Pisces individuals are easily able to empathize with other people, making them incredibly compassionate.

While it’s important that they work on setting healthy boundaries, they will always make you feel understood and can effortlessly place themselves in your shoes, even if they can’t entirely relate to your personal struggles. Pisces hate to see other people suffer, and, because of this, they never go out of their way to be malicious.


Gemini’s are the lighthearted communicators of the zodiac, making them incredibly friendly, funny, and social. These individuals are great at striking up conversations with just about anyone and are able to keep the conversation from becoming too heavy or serious—allowing them to be perceived as very easygoing, nice people. While their mutable modality can make them a bit indecisive and scattered at times, they always have a way of making people feel special.