3 Aquarius Stereotypes that are actually true!

Aquarius individuals are known to be distant, cold and unemotional. We have got 3 Aquarius stereotypes that are actually true.

Aquarius Stereotypes


Most of the time, these stereotypes are true, but it’s for different reasons than people think. Aquarius natives are certainly cold and unemotional, but that’s not on purpose. They are just very logical people and that makes them a little less in touch with their emotions.

While Aquarians have a tough exterior, they simply take their time to think through their actions. We can’t blame them for thinking rationally. 


You might have noticed a stubborn side to the Aquarians around you, and it’s for a good reason. Fixed signs are stubborn, but air signs are intelligent. So, Aquarius is stubborn about their opinions and mindset.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the arrogant Aquarius. This is, unfortunately, somewhat true as well. While Aquarian intelligence is a sought-after characteristic, most Aquarians know they’re smart. So, when listening to others, they may instead badger others to agree with their opinions.


  • The first trait present in every Aquarius is their rational mindset. If you need some honest advice, look to an Aquarius. 
  • Aquarians are also known for being optimistic. Their “can-do” attitude gets them into rooms for which they may not be qualified, but they prove their worth without a problem. 
  • The conceited Aquarius understands that their brains and rationale are sought-after qualities, but make sure you keep them grounded so it doesn’t get to their head too much.