Spirit Animals based on your Zodiac Signs!

Spirit Animals represent your spiritual energy and guide you through life. identify with your core self and find ways to send you secret messages. Often, when you see them appear in real life, you can assume that it is a source of encouragement and inspiration. Here’s your spirit animal according to your zodiac sign.

Spirit Animals:

Aries: Cheetah

Like Aries, cheetahs only have two speeds: walk and max-out run. Cheetahs can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a matter of three seconds. But the downside to this is that they can only maintain speed for about 30 seconds, which is very similar to the energy (and anger) cycle of an Aries. An Aries is quick to go-go-go or get angry, but will also max out or move on in a matter of minutes.

Taurus: Bear

The bear is slow, cumbersome, and generally has a mild demeanour (until you push his buttons). Taurus acts much the same way. This sign enjoys slow-moving, sun-basking days that aren’t filled with stress. 

Gemini: Fox

Cunning, quick, and a little mischievous, the fox is the ideal spirit animal for the quick-witted Gemini. The fox can get out of any situation with their intelligence—just like this sign. 

Cancer: Wolf

The wolf might be “lone” at times, but this animal is fiercely protective of family, just as Cancer is. Cancer is about the home, the heart, and the family. Wolves move in packs, taking care of one another every day.

Leo: Lion

Yes, this is Leo’s actual mascot. But, honestly, lions are the best fit for this family-oriented, flashy, luxury-loving sign. Lions can bask in the sun all day long. They only spend time with their family. They are fiercely protective mothers. And they need the sun for vitality, which is perfect because Leo is ruled by the sun! 

Virgo: Beaver

Beavers are not only perfectionists, but they are also extremely proficient at what they do, something that every Virgo strives to be. These animals are called “natural engineers” for their amazing ability to build a completely airtight dam in under 24 hours. 

Libra: Peacock

One might have assumed this would be Leo’s animal, but many overlook the fact that Libras are quite flashy themselves! Besides, peacocks are given a bad reputation for being self-involved. But they are really just beautiful without even trying, and that’s Libra for you. 

Scorpio: Snake

Snakes are slippery, sneaky, and extremely capable creatures. The thing about snakes is that you never know they’re there until they want you to know. And that is exactly how Scorpio operates on a day-to-day basis.

Sagittarius: Owl

The owl has a reputation for being sage and easily able to travel. Sagittarius is rooted with philosophy, learning, and the need to travel at a moment’s notice. Just like a bird, Sagittarius chooses to spread its wings whenever he or she feels like it. It’s the ultimate freedom!

Capricorn: Hawk

Hawks are extremely fearless and intense figureheads in the aviary kingdom, just like a Capricorn in the zodiac kingdom. This animal has brilliant eyesight (eight times that of humans!) which make them unstoppable predators. Think of a determined Capricorn in the workplace and this is the animal you get.

Aquarius: Zebra

This animal is not only extremely community-oriented, but they are also entirely unique in the animal world. Those stripes! And those two traits, community-oriented and unique, could not be more perfect to define Aquarius.

Pisces: Horse

Horses are extremely sensitive, empathetic animals. Like Pisces, they are prone to taking on the energy of others because that’s how they are wired. In the herd, all the horse’s heartbeats sync up, so when one horse is frightened, immediately the herd’s communal heartbeat fires. Additionally, horses have a natural healing quality about them, just as Pisces do.